10. Suggestions

When we want to suggest something in which we are to participate ourselves, we use one of the following forms:


Why don’t we…?

Why not…?

We could/ might – tentative

I suppose we could/ might… - more tentative

I suggest (that)…- a firmer suggestion, and more formal.

I propose (that)… - even stronger and more forma. Used mainly at meetings, official discussions, etc.

If we are agree to a suggestion, we say:

Yes, let’s (do that)

That’s a (very) good idea

Good idea - less formal

That/ it might be intersting.

OK. – informal, casual

All right. - willing but not enthusiastic

I don’t mind – rather indifferent

We might as well (do that) – rather indifferent

Conditional agreement can be expressed by:

All right, but only if…

Yes/ All right/ I don’t mind, providing/ as long as…

If we disagree, our reply depends to a greater extent on the situation. Here are some commonly used phrases:

I do not like…- only among friends (too abrupt for other situations)

I am not very keen on…- more tactful

I am not very fond of…- more tactful

I don’t feel like it (at the moment/ just now)

I am too tired.

I’m feeling rather tired (today/ at the moment) – less abrupt

We haven’t got time.

Have we got time?

There is no point

I’d rather…

I’d rather not…

Let’s not bother.

Don’t let’s bother.

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