18. Reproach and reprimand

The following expressions can be used for reproach and reprimand:

Why (on earth) didn’t you…?

You might have… - rather mild

I do think you might have… - rather mild

You should (not) have…/ ought (not) to have…

You ought to be ashamed (of yourself).

What do you mean by …ing? - mixed with anger

You have no right to…– very strong, mixed with anger

How dare you (…)! – very strong, mixed with anger

Come off it! = Stop whatever you are doing – a mild, informal reprimand

Reproach and reprimand are frequently used to prevent people (especially children) from behaving badly. Here are some expressions which can be used for this:

What are you up to?

Stop (doing) that!

Stop fooling around/ about!

Behave yourself!

Be/ act your age!

Come on, be a good boy/girl (and…) - gentle, mild.

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