20. Opinion

An opinion may be expressed simply as an assertion, without any introductory words.

Sometimes, however, such statements may sound too dogmatic, and to avoid this effect one of the following phrases should be used:

I think (that)… - the most common

I thought is often used to express an opinion about something experienced in the past, for example, a film seen, a book read.

I think may also be used in sentences about verifiable facts, meaning It seems to me.

I believe (that)…

I feel (that)…

I consider (that)… formal, semi-formal. Also more intellectual than I feel , which is more emotional.

In my opinion – emphatic, slightly formal

To my mind – emphatic

If you ask me,… - colloquial

The following phrases are used to ask someone’s opinion:

What do you think of/ about?

What do you feel about…?

What’s your opinion of/ about…? – formal, semiformal

Note: to avoid being dogmatic and/ or abrupt you may express your opinion (especially when asked) beginning your phrase with Well.

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