13. Invitations

Invitations may be phrased in one of the following ways:

Would you like to…? – the most common form

I wonder whether you’d like to… - tentative

Would you care to… - very formal

I wonder whether you’d care to.. - very formal

Do you feel like …ing? – informal, semi-formal

Invitations may also take the form of suggestion, for example:

What/ how about …ing?


(yes,) very much

(yes), I’d like to very much

(yes,) I’d love to.

That would be very nice. Thank you.


I’m afraid I can’t

I’m sorry I can’t

Some explanation for your refusal is often desirable.

I’d like to (very much) but…

I’d love to but…

I wish I could but…

Thank you, but (I’m afraid)…

No, thank you.

No, thanks. - By itself, this is rather abrupt, even rude. However, it may be used among friends if followed by an explanation.

Invitations are often introduced by a question such as

Are you doing anything (special)?

Have you got anything (special) on…?

Have you got any plans for…?

What are you doing…? – more direct

Are you free…?

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