25. Indifference

Indifference to something one is told may be expressed politely as follows:

Formal or informal; said in a flat uninterested voice:

(Oh,) really?

Is it/he (really)?

Are you/ they (really)?

Did you/ it (really)?

Is that so? – formal, semi-formal

I’m afraid… - semi-formal, informal

Sorry, but…- semi-formal, informal

The following phrases express indifference more explicitly and should only be used to people whom one knows well, or when the situation justifies a more direct approach. They are listed here in order of increasing strength.

It doesn’t matter (to me).

What does it matter?

So what?

Who cares?

I don’t (really) care (when/ where/ who, etc).

I couldn’t care less. Very strong, possibly rude

I don’t give a damn - Very strong, possibly rude

Indifference to something offered or suggested may be expressed by:

It makes no difference (to me).

What difference does it make?

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