English Conversational Formulas

Let me to help YOU! - the concept of all my works.

Welcome! The goal of this site is to share knowledge. I want to present you some information about the subject which I love - English. I created this little electronic book which contains common phrases for certain situations. In our life, we deal with such events everyday. Unfortunately, all comments were made in English and so if you want to use this site it is necessary to know English a little bit. I think it is easy. Also, here is a lack of examples, I am working on it - in next edition of this site I'll add them. The last goal is provide exercises and create the program, which will allow testing your knowledge. But first of all I need to see the reaction on the creation of this site - if it is interesting for you. Write to me and tell me about your ideas - I need to know.

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  1. Forms of address
  2. Attracting attention
  3. Introductions and conversation openings
  4. Greetings and inquiries about health, etc.
  5. Leave-taking
  6. Congratulations and wishes
  7. Requests
  8. Asking permissions (favors)
  9. Apologies
  10. Suggestions
  11. Advice
  12. Appointments
  13. Invitations
  14. Offers
  15. Thanks
  16. Compliments
  17. Warning, caution
  18. Reproach and reprimand
  19. Complaint
  20. Opinion
  21. Agreement and disagreement
  22. Approval and disapproval
  23. Likes and dislikes
  24. Preference and lack of preference
  25. Indifference
  26. Pleasure and displeasure
  27. Disappointment
  28. Certainty and uncertainty, ignorance
  29. Surprise
  30. Regret
  31. Sympathy and consolation
  32. Worry and reassurance
  33. General words and phrases and some hints on conversing in English

If you have any comments, please, feel free to tell it to me. My e-mail address is MedvedevAM98@hotmail.com
If you have desire to receive the whole book in one file, send me e-mail message too.

I can tell you about links to sites which are helpful in studying of English:

http://www.englishlearner.com/ - this is the site with a lot of information about learning English, with tests page and alos there are exist lessons which you can take by e-mail.


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