27. Disappointment

Disappointment is the unhappiness (bitterness) you feel at not seeing your hopes come true, for instance when somebody lets you down or things do not go the way you had expected. It can be expressed as follows:

I am rather/ very/ extremely disappointed…

It/ she/ you disappointed me.

I found it rather/ very disappointing.

To conceal your disappointment and/or show more reserve, you may answer the same question in somewhat softer key:

Well, to be frank } it wasn’t as good/ nice/ as I’d expected.

Well, to tell (you) the truth }I’d expected it to be (much) nicer.

Stronger expressions of disappointment include:

Oh, how (very) disappointing!

That’s (really) disappointing!

Oh, what a pity!

Oh, what a shame! – more colloquial

Oh, no – depending on the tone of voice, this expresses different shades of displeasure and disappointment, but more often than not, it is really a mixture of annoyance and disappointment.

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